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I’m Ellius

I’m a gross sewer rat who draws and doesn’t talk much.





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Me, the machine can dream.


Me, the machine can dream.

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Well, there is one. It is..can’t rememeber the name off the top of my head, but the logo was 5 circles of different colors. Now, I know this on called I think It is called “stainless” (might be wrong) That has effects like glittering and such. And before you ask. One of my temp jobs, was repainting and fixing broken and old wooden things. We had to spary paint a lot of chairs different colors.

I’ll keep a look out for those, thank you very much. : )

The glittery effects sound pretty cool. I know how to make a few textures with the paints so it would be interesting to experiment with that as well once I get down to it.

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I do not support nor condemn people who make are illegally. But, since that is not the case here…I’ll say get a cheaper brand first. Then, when you get the nack get something much more..costly…Because, you also need the mask (for breathing reason

I won’t do it illegally of course. Gonna spray on card for the most part.

As for prices, eeeh brands all seem to be about the same price from what I’ve seen so far. They’re not expensive but I was asking for quality of the paints. I’ll keep looking around to see what people say.

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wickerchild answered: Depends on what sufferance you are aiming to use.

I’m not planning to spray someones wall if that’s what you mean? 

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wickerchild asked : Raichu?

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Big electric rat baby <3

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wickerchild asked : Dragonnite

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Dragonites are cute but not a favourite of mine.

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I want to properly get into making spray paint art. But what paint brand should I get?

Theres a few like ironlak, montana and others but I don’t know which one to go for.

Can anyone give me advice?

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wickerchild asked : Muk

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Sorta indifferent to Muk I guess. They’re just big blobs to me.

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Here are some baby hyenas for you to enjoy

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message me a pokemon and I’ll tell you if I:

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